Para aramid sewing thread higher Tenacity

Para-aramid fibers, such as Kevlar®, offer a wide range of properties that make them ideal for various applications. Their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and high break strength provide significant tensile strength and modulus, making them perfect for uses that demand robust and durable materials. Para-aramid fibers excel in applications where the fibers will be under constant load or subjected to high cycle counts, benefiting from their low elongation and minimal creep properties.

Para-aramid fibers exhibit exceptional resistance to high temperatures, retaining their mechanical properties even under elevated thermal conditions. This heat resistance makes them ideal for applications in thermal insulation and protective clothing. Additionally, para-aramid fibers demonstrate strong chemical resistance, allowing them to withstand exposure to acids, alkalis, and many organic solvents without significant degradation. However, these fibers have poor resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can lead to degradation and a loss of strength over time. To preserve their performance and longevity, proper protection and shielding from direct sunlight or prolonged UV exposure are necessary.

Hightec para-aramid sewing threads are long staple spun para-aramid threads designed for sewing heat and flame protection equipment. They are suitable for applications such as blast furnace wear, firefighter gear, safety shoes, and protective clothing for cut and ballistic protection. Examples include cut-resistant gloves and bulletproof vests.

Specification of para aramid sewing thread

Ne20/3, Ne24/3,Ne30/3, Ne36/3, Ne40/3, Ne50/3, 50/4

Color: yellow, black


Bobbin size:






Features and Comments:

  • Made from 100% virgin para aramid staple fibre 51mm with a high melting point of 371°C
  • Exceptional flame and heat resistance; does not melt or drip up to the melting point
  • Dope dyed color with good color fastness
  • Flame resistance and color consistency throughout multiple cycles of laundering and dry cleaning
  • Unique lubricated finish for excellent sewability and seam integrity
  • Extreme strength and heat protection in high stress, volatile applications.
  • Excellent resistor to chemicals and unaffected by exposure to solvents, fuels, lubricants and salt water.


  • Fabricate high temperature textiles
  • Thermal insulation jackets and pad
  • High temperature gaskets, tadpole tape stitches
  • Heat shield stitches
  • Fire resistant/flame retardant composites
  • Filter bag stitches
  • Mattress tape edge seams
  • Fire resistant and cut and slash industrial gloves
  • High temperature air bags
  • Aerospace
  • Bullet proof vests and ballistic body armor
  • Military protective garments