Modacrylic spun yarn

Modacrylic fibers are produced from resins that are copolymers, combining acrylonitrile with other materials like vinyl chloride, vinylidene chloride, or vinyl bromide. These fibers can be manufactured using either wet spinning or dry spinning processes.

Modacrylic fibers are inherently flame-resistant, possessing intrinsic FR properties. They are often blended with other FR fibers such as lyocell, aramid, or polyamide-imide to create durable fabrics that enhance comfort while maintaining excellent FR protection.

When it comes to flame-resistant (FR) clothing, durability, comfort, and protection are all crucial aspects to consider. Modacrylic fibers are known for meeting all these requirements. This synthetic fiber is soft, strong, and resilient, making it an excellent choice for protective clothing and technical FR fabrics. The lightweight durability, intrinsic flame-resistant nature, and blended FR fabric possibilities of modacrylic fibers make them an affordable and effective consideration for PPE garment selection. Below, we explain why Modacrylic fibers should be considered for your PPE needs.


Specifications: Raw white and fiber dyed.


FR Viscose/wool/nylon66 (Ne15-Ne40)

Modacrylic yarn (Ne15-Ne40)

FR Viscose/para aramid/anti -static (Ne15-Ne40)

FR Viscose/Para aramid (Ne15-Ne40)

Features & Benefits

  • Besides the flame-resistant properties, modacrylic fiber’s abrasion resistance and tenacity are low, resulting in high durability similar to wool. Also, they offer a lower level of heat conduction and ventilation. The fabrics are thus soft, warm, and resilient.
  • Dimensionally stable and soft,Strong and resilient
  • Have good press and shape retention
  • Easy to dye to bright shades
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Flame resistant
  • Quick drying
  • Resistant to acids and alkalies
  •  Shape retentive
  •  Modacrylic fibers are also non-allergenic, resistant to chemicals and solvents, and are not susceptible to moths or mildew.


  • High strength: very good tensile strength, making them stronger than steel of the same weight. outstanding strength for protective apparel providing optimum cut and puncture resistance.
  • Durability: very high modulus, making them very resistant to impact, puncture, and abrasion.
  • Lightweight:Para-aramid fibers offer very good strength-to-weight ratios, enabling the creation of lightweight products without compromising on durability.
  • Heat resistance: Para-aramids  possess very good to excellent resistance to heat, allowing them to maintain their strength and integrity in high-temperature environments. high temperature resistance of up to 425°C, does not melt and is self-extinguishing.
  • Chemical resistance: These fibers exhibit good to very good resistance to various chemicals, including acids and solvents, making Para-aramid suitable for applications with chemical exposure.  Does not do well high highly concentrated acids or bases.
  • Flame resistance:Para-aramids offer excellent flame resistance, providing flame protection and self extinguishing properties.
  • Dimensional stability: maintain their shape and structural integrity even under prolonged stress, ensuring long-term dimensional stability in applications like composites.
  • Energy absorption: These fibers have the ability to absorb and disperse energy, making them effective in reducing the impact force in applications such as ropes and cables.
  • Design flexibility:Para-aramid fibers can be woven, knitted, braided, or incorporated into infinite composite applications, offering design flexibility for manufacturers to create tailored solutions for specific needs.
  • Low Electrical Conductivity: Para-aramids also have high dielectric strength making them well suited for applications in electrical insulation and protective gear.