Meta Aramid Sewing Thread Higher Tenacity

100% meta-aramid spun yarn sewing thread

usually meta aramid spun yarn are made of 51MM, However higher tenacity meta aramid spun sewing thread is made of 120mm aramid fiber, by which we can have a much higher tenacity in stitching with longer fiber.

Fire resistant protective garments require the highest level of security and durability to protect fire fighters, industrial workers and military combat personnel. Meta aramid threads is a flame resistant sewing thread made from 100% spun meta aramid fibre using a vertically integrated aramid manufacturing system and is uniquely engineered to provide exceptional flame / heat and electric arc resistance.  Meta aramid sewing thread is used in a variety of protective wear applications such as fire fighters clothing, work wear uniforms and army combat suits, and is certified to meet all safety regulatory standards and military specifications.

Hightec meta aramid sewing thread are  staple spun para-aramid sewing thread which can be used for the sewing of heat and flame protection equipment like blast furnace wear, fire fighter wear, safety shoes as well as for protection wear for cut and ballistic protection, for example cut protective gloves or bullet proof vests.

Specification of Meta Aramid Sewing Thread

Ne20/3, Ne30/3, Ne36/3, Ne40/3, Ne50/3, 50/4

Color: white, yellow, black, navy blue, khaki, etc, any color in Pantone book.

We can also tailor make any specification per buyers’ requirement.


Features and Comments of Meta Aramid Sewing Thread Higher Tenacity:

  • Made from 100% meta-aramid fibre 120mm with a high melting point of 371°C
  • Exceptional flame and heat resistance; does not melt or drip up to the melting point
  • Special dyes used for good wash fastness and minimal lot to lot color variation
  • Flame resistance and color consistency throughout multiple cycles of laundering and dry cleaning
  • Unique lubricated finish for excellent sewability and seam integrity
  • Extreme strength and heat protection in high stress, volatile applications.
  • Excellent resistor to chemicals and unaffected by exposure to solvents, fuels, lubricants and salt water.

Applications of Meta Aramid Sewing Thread Higher Tenacity

  • Fabricate high temperature textiles, sewn fabrications.
  • Thermal insulation jackets, turbo jackets, safety jackets and Engine covers, pad and fire curtains, other high temperature thermal covers.
  • Welding blankets and curtains.
  • High temperature gaskets, tadpole tape stitches and Heat shield stitches,
  • Cut and slash resistant industrial workwear and protective clothing
  • Fire resistant/flame retardant composites
  • Filter bag stitches/filtration
  • High temperature air bags
  • Industrial gloves