Anti static fiber

safety workwear often requires antistatic protection to prevent the build-up of static electricity and sparks, which can be extremely dangerous in a working environment. In order to make synthetic antistatic fibers, electrically conducting materials such as carbon black are added to the fiber-forming polymer.



Anti static fiber  :20D/1F, 20D/2F, 20D/3F, 20D/4F, 40D/6F

Conductive Composite Fiber 50D FDY/DTY+20D; 75D FDY/DTY+20D, etc

Features & Benefits

Anti static textile is a fabric which can conduct electricity. Conductive textiles can be made with metal strands woven into the construction of the textile. There is also an interest in semiconducting textiles, made by impregnating normal textiles with carbon- or metal-based powders.

One major use is  shielding cabling in specialty purposes where light weight, high strength, and high-frequency shielding is imperative. Another more recent use is in the production of anti-static clothing , where the conductive textile forms a flexible Faraday cage in a layer of the garment. Conductive fabric can also be used to make electrodes for other medical applications.

The antistatic cloth not only has the permanent antistatic effect, which can completely eliminate the electrostatic disturbance to human body, adds the new connotation of green environment protection, makes the clothing more comfortable, but also can effectively prevent sticky phenomenon and dust adhesion, and to a certain extent reduces the electromagnetic radiation pollution to human body damage. It is good for personal health care.


    1.Anti-static gloves

It is suitable for all kinds of electronic factories and precision instrument factories.

  1. Anti-static clothing

It is mainly applicable to all kinds of electronic factories, gas stations, oil companies, etc.

  1. Civilian clothing

Such as high-end suits, sweaters and so on.

  1. Home textiles category

Such as curtains, bedding, sofa covers and so on.

  1. Industrial supplies

Such as industrial conveyor belt, treadmill belt, environmental protection filter bag and so on