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meta aramid sewing thread yarn dyed color

Meta Aramid Sewing Thread

Flame retardant para aramid sewing thread

Flame Retardant Sewing Thread

Meta Aramid

Para aramid products

Para Aramid

Company Profile

Shanghai Hightec New Materials Co.,ltd was founded in 2018 and located in Shanghai, one of the most developed city in China. Hightec is a very professional high-tech manufacturer of high performance fibers, equipped with advanced machines. We own a great team of R&D, sales, Production and QC to provide good quality and service for our customers.

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Flame retardant meta aramid staple fiber
cut resistant uhmwpe
modacrylic staple fiber
para aramid spun yarn
PBO flame retardant filament
para aramid sewing thread
Kevlar sewing thread

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Flame Retardant Modacrylic Fiber

Modacrylic fibers are made from resins that are copolymers (combinations) of acrylonitrile and other materials, such as vinyl chloride, vinylidene chloride or vinyl bromide. Modacrylic fibers are either dry spun or wet spun.
anti static

Anti static

  safety workwear often requires antistatic protection…
anti static

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